Tips On Hiring a Christmas Lighting Pro

Why hiring a professional holiday lighting decorator is key

When it comes to decorating your home or business, the question comes up about hiring someone to get the job done. When you hire a holiday lighting professional, you should make sure to know some key facts when choosing the right company.

  1. Always work with professional decorators, make sure they have the experience and correct business insurance.
  2. Custom Design – Is the holiday lighting professional meeting your expectations when it comes to designing a small winter wonderland from your input? It’s the professional considering your landscaping and architecture to make sure a project can be done properly.
  3. Professional Products – when it comes to product there is always a good, better, and best product lines. We recommend using the best commercial products possible, use the waterproof LED lights when you can. Ask the professional where the product comes from, normal retailers don’t carry commercial grade products. Have them show you a sample.
  4. Installation – Ask them how they intend to decorator your home or business, some of the details aren’t necessary too much. Overall you want to hear what they have in store when it comes to installing Christmas lights on your home or business.
  5. Save time – when it comes to hiring a professional you will be amazed how fast they can put up the holiday lighting on your home or business. This comes with many years of experience, the details and speed comes with experience.
  6. Timing – Why hire a professional, when you don’t have the time to decorate your home for Christmas. Having a professional team come in and decorate your home will give you time to spend with your family and friends.
  7. Maintenance – When it comes to Christmas lights, many professionals cover their clients during any strands that go out, or GFCI’s that are tripped. This is what the industry handles each year. Do they cover a 24-48 hour service repair timeframe?
  8. Take Down & Storage – When the holidays are over, professional decorating teams will come out to take down the lights and store them for the off-season. Depending your lighting program, you want to make sure the lights are in good hands for the off-season and are ready to work the following year.
tips on hiring a christmas decorator